Here are some links to a few of our friends

Ely and Littleport Riot Fantabulous Fen Morris. Better looking than us, too.

Hemlock Morris Dancers A wonderful side from Bedford whose poly-morris styles sticks a finger in the eye of the traditionalist. Just the sort of thing we like.

Leeds Morris Men Thoroughly excellent tour operators, and not bad company, either. They dance, too!

Oakworth Village Morris Men An unsavoury bunch of Northerners. Known to occasionally recruit Scotsmen and hold weekends of dance. And argue. Have been described as "the Slipknot of Morris Dancing" and "all right for a Cotswold side". If you know who Slipknot are, and are still reading about morris dancing, contact your local morris side immediately.

Berkshire Bedlam Soft shandy sipping furriners from Wokingham

The Witchmen Not that they need much introduction. We are preparing ourselves to forgive them for stealing one of our members...

Dead Horse Morris Kent based Border Morris side. Not bad, for Border. Southerners, mind, but you can't have everything.

400 Roses - Tribal fusion dance troupe, and a good laugh too. We'll even forgive them for not being local.

Cambridge Morris Men Based in Cambridge. Founder members of the Morris Ring. Some members of Cambridge Morris Men bear an uncanny resemblance to some members of Coton Morris. But not all...

Devil's Dyke Morris Men Based in Bottisham, near Cambridge. Take their name from a big ditch, apparently.

The Morris Federation. Rumours of our association with the Morris Ring are extremely outdated.

There are lots of other links that could find their way here. If you can think of any, or want to be linked to Coton Morris, please e-mail us at cotonmorris at