We are currently recruiting, so if you are interested in Morris Dancing, gentle exercise in congenial company or just being in the greatest Morris side to grace the Fens, then come along to one of our practices, or contact Andy on 01480 810756, or e-mail KenHamilton at btinternet.com

We practise at Milton Community Centre, Coles Rd, Milton, Cambridge CB24 6WR, Thursday nights, 7:30pm

We welcome beginners and experienced dancers.

This season, we will be mostly dancing Bucknell, Adderbury and Lichfield (as living traditions, not as dry dogma), with a few other old favourites.

If you have danced any of these before, come along.

If you've never danced any of these before, come along.

If you are just curious, and want to know what it is about, come along

If you don't want your parents/partner to know what other websites you've been looking at, come along. We know where you live.

The Coton Morris have the best dressed Musicians in Morrisdom